Course Syllabi

The following is a list of ESPM courses and their syllabi. Future syllabi may be modified by time, location, instructor and content. 

ESPM 1011 Issues In the Environment, 1 cr. 

ESPM 2401 Environmental Education/ Interpretation, 3 cr. 

ESPM 2021 Environmental Sciences - Integrated Problem Solving, 3 cr. 

ESPM 3012 Statistical Methods for Environmental Scientists and Managers, 4 cr.

ESPM 3000 Semester on Current Issues for ESPM: Satellites to Drones: Monitoring Changing Environments, 1 cr. 

ESPM 3031/5031 Applied Global Positioning Systems for Geographic Information Systems, 3 cr. 

ESPM 3101/5101 Conservation of Plant Biodiversity, 3 cr. 

ESPM 3108  Ecology of Managed Systems, 3 cr. 

ESPM 3131 Environmental Physics, 3 cr.

ESPM 3202/5202 Environmental Conflict Management, Leadership and Planning, 3 cr.

ESPM 3241W Natural Resource and Environmental Policy, 3 cr.  

ESPM 3261/5261 Economics and Natural Resource Management, 3 cr. 

ESPM 3271 Environmental Policy, Law and Human Behavior, 3 cr. 

ESPM 3603/5603 Environmental Life Cycle Analysis, 3 cr.

ESPM 3607 Natural Resources Consumption and Sustainability, 3 cr. 

ESPM 4021W Problem Solving: Environmental Review, 4 cr.

ESPM 4041W Problem Solving for Environmental Change, 4 cr.

ESPM 4256/5256 Natural Resource Law and the Management of Public Lands and Public Waters, 3 cr.

ESPM 4295W/5295 GIS in Environmental Science and Management, 4 cr. 

ESPM 4811/5811 Environmental Interpretation, 3 cr. 

Other designators in the ESPM curriculum can be found on their respective department website:

Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Department of Forest Resources