Environmental Education and Communication

Degree Requirements
Sample 4-year plan for EEC track (.pdf)

Students in the EEC track learn how to teach and communicate environmental issues to diverse audiences using a variety of methods. They gain a solid base of knowledge in the environmental sciences, environmental ethics, and the social context of environmental issues. They also develop a practical set of skills for teaching effectively in informal settings and for communicating clearly in written, oral, and electronic forms. Graduates will have a firm understanding of the challenges involved in educating and communicating about science- and value-based environmental subjects.

Types of Careers: The EEC track is a good fit for students who want to work at government agencies, nature centers, parks, nongovernmental organizations, and similar institutions, as well as for students who wish to gain a broad understanding of the environment, environmental issues, and the choices humans can make to mitigate unwanted impacts of human behavior on the environment. See also Career Information.


EEC Track with Briana Burke

Environmental Education and Communication Track

EEC Track with Emma Ledin

Environmental Education and Communication Track #3

EEC Track with Stephan Carlson

Environmental Education and Communication Track #2