Corporate Environmental Management (Closed Track)

Effective Fall 2017, the Corporate Enviromental Management track is closed to new enrollment. The information below is provided for students already working to complete the track.

Students desiring an ESPM major with a corporate/business focus should consider the Corporate Environmental Management Minor along with one of the other ESPM tracks.

CEM Track requirements:

The CEM track is designed to provide students with fundamental skills to systematically determine the environmental burdens associated with a firm's products or manufacturing processes. Students will also learn how to identify opportunities that generate value from environmental risk reduction, regulatory compliance programs, and other alternatives for improving environmental performance. Student experiences within this track will focus on analytical tools; the business, legal, regulatory, and ethical framework in which industrial firms operate; physical, chemical, and biological mechanisms associated with industrial emissions; techniques used to reduce the environmental impacts of industrial activity; and effective communication.

Types of Careers: Students who pursue the CEM track will be well prepared for positions within the growing environmental, health, and safety departments of private businesses, consultancies, and government institutions. For those interested in pursuing graduate studies, CEM provides a good foundation for further education in business, public policy, environmental sciences, and industrial ecology. See also Career Information.